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Our Founder, Salvador "Sal" Santoscoy was born in Torreon, Mexico on December 23, 1913. He attended EI Paso High School where he was on the football team.

As a teenager Mr. Santoscoy canned chilies from his home and sold them to grocery stores. He organized a group of boys including his brothers and sold the most newspapers for the El Paso Times, Herald Post and Los Angeles Examiner.

At age 19 he started a Spanish newspaper named "Sin Nombre" with his brother, Luciano Santoscoy. Their best advertiser was J.C. Penny, placing one-page ads. As a boxing promoter he held an exhibition at the bullring in Juarez where he boxed with his brother, Carlos Santoscoy, and cousin Roberto Santoscoy.

He opened the Southern Finance Co. in Albuquerque, which is still in business. Returning to EI Paso he was a construction contractor building and remodeling homes. He was the top salesman selling insurance.

In 1938 Mr. Santoscoy opened his first finance company, Paisano Credit Co. During his lifetime he founded a total of 8 finance companies, National American Investment Co., Paisano Credit Co., Pocket Loan Service, Chelmont Finance Co., Drive-In Loans, Eagle Finance Co., Family Credit Loans, and General Finance Co.

He also founded S. Santoscoy Insurance & Real Estate and for over 30 years was an insurance agent for Wright Titus Agency. He owned a clothing store on Oregon St. called La Familia.

In 1974 he served two years with the EI Paso City Planning Commission under Mayor Fred Hervey. He was one of the founders of Texas Finance Institute, Vice President of the Casino Mexicano and a member of the Pan American Club, Junta Patrotica, Toastmasters, Elks Club, Chamber of Commerce, Burly Bulls, Optimist Club, AFSA, and a life member of the Central YMCA. Salvador Santoscoy, Luciano Santoscoy and Judge Armendariz were founders of Head Start known as Project Bravo. He was a charter member of the Family Business Forum at UTEP.

In 1995 State National Bank honored Mr. Santoscoy for 50 years of doing business with them. Mr. Santoscoy received a banking certificate from the University of Colorado School of Business and a Real Estate Certificate from UTEP.

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